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 In Today's Vehicles Your Windshield Must Do A Lot More Than "Shield You From The Wind".



Text Box: (49 CFR 571.208) 
Occupant Crash Protection
Specifies performance requirements for the protection of vehicle occupants in crashes (i.e. proper deployment of passenger airbags).


Text Box: (49 CFR 571.212)
Windshield Mounting
Establishes standards for windshield retention requirements for motor vehicles during crashes. 50% of passive restraints (airbags), 
75% for non-passive systems (seat belts).


Text Box: (49 CFR 571.216)
Roof Crush Resistance
Establishes passenger compartment roof strength requirements to reduce death and injury due to roof crushing in roll over accidents. Up to 60% of roof strength is attributable to a properly bonded windshield.


Text Box: (49 CFR 571.219)
Windshield Zone Intrusion
Specifies that the windshield will stay in place and that auto body parts and debris shall not protrude into the passenger compartment.


*Above excerpts were collected from the 1994 Code of Federal Regulations (Title 49, Parts 400-999) and do NOT fully represent each standard. To obtain a copy of the CFR, please contact the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. Telephone: 202-512-1800


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Your windshield does a lot more than keep the bugs out of your eyes!