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20/20, FOX NEWS, USA TODAY, as well as many other major newspapers have ran stories on the epidemic of unsafe windshield installations that occur every day placing the occupants at risk. It is estimated that over 8,000,000 windshields are improperly installed every year!




The above vehicle shows an example of having had a windshield that was improperly installed.  Unfortunately we see this far too often.  One of the most common "short-cuts" in the AGR Industry is to eliminate steps that save the installer time and materials.  Once the windshield has been removed the factory bead of urethane adhesive remains on the pinchweld or metal frame of the vehicle.  According to AGRSS Standards this bead must be removed and replaced with a fresh new bead to insure a safe installation.  When one "short-cuts" they simply leave the existing bead in place and lay a thin film of new urethane over the top.  

This improper procedure causes all kinds of problems,

such as leaks, appearance issues, and stress-cracks.  But most of all it can cost you your life in an accident because the windshield is not properly bonded to the vehicle.  If you look closely at the picture you can see, near the date area and again half-way up, where the short-cut bead is actually pulled loose from the factory bead.



When your vehicle was manufactured it came with a  windshield designed specifically for that vehicle.  O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer's) Windshields are made to fit perfectly and perform properly in an accident. 

Be aware there are many "cheap imitations" being installed which may fall far short of O.E.M. quality and specifications. 

Since one of the more common short-comings of cheap aftermarket glass seems to be improper bend-tolerances, the first thing you may notice is appearance problems, such as moldings not laying down properly. An improperly fitting windshield is more prone to leakage, wind noise and stress cracking.

O.E.M. Windshields have also been crash-tested to insure they will perform properly in an accident.  Aftermarket windshields have not.   Let the aftermarket manufacturers find their own crash dummies.

O.E.M. Adhesives

are important as well.

There are also many cheap alternative urethanes available which some will use as another cost-cutting measure.  Only ESSEX URETHANE is used at all U.S.A. new vehicle manufacturing plants.  

Make The Smart Choice


to restore your vehicle, your second most valuable possession, to it's original condition.  They have been crash tested and proven.  Anything less is less than the best.

For more information visit the Insurance Consumer Advocate Network & check out the 4/23/01 article "Windshields, A Family Health Decision...Right In Front Of You!"


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