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Your windshield damage may be repairable.


    Bullseyes                       Star Breaks                  Combo Breaks      

as well as CRACKS up to SIX INCHES in length can be repaired before replacement becomes necessary.

YOUR REPAIR MAY BE FREE!  If you have insurance coverage most insurance companies will waive your comprehensive deductible and pay for the full cost of the repair. 

At Visions we've been doing windshield repair since 1983. 

We have successfully repaired over 60,000 windshields!  In fact we started out as a windshield repair company.  So when it's repair you need you won't find anyone more capable.  All windshield repair is not the same, so don't even shop for the cheapest price in town.  Because cheap is exactly what you'll get if you do.  Even if it's free, then looks pitiful and doesn't hold up, it just cost you a new windshield. 

At Visions we have three very experienced windshield repair technicians.  Repair is all they do.  They do lots of repairs and they do them extremely well!  In most cases a Vision's repair will improve the appearance of the damage between 80 and 90 percent.  We then guarantee your satisfaction and that the damage will not spread for as long as you own the vehicle.


- Clean, dry breaks make better repairs.  Cover the chip a.s.a.p. to prevent contaminants from entering in that can hamper the repair.

- Repair the damage immediately to keep it from spreading.

- Repairs cannot be performed outside in inclement weather.  Also keeping the vehicle inside overnight prior to repairing is optimal.

- If it is an outside repair in cooler weather, park vehicle facing into the sun if possible to warm the glass before the technician arrives.

- Remember, all windshield repair is not the same.  Demand the best. Call Visions for a satisfaction guaranteed repair.


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